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Real Estate

Real Estate

Properties that are unique and by far never to be found in Sri Lanka, we offer these Heaven on Earth properties for equity partnership/outright sale.

Alluvion Reflective Resort, Arugambay

Overlooking the picturesque lagoon and beach from one side and the elephant populated thicket from the other, Alluvion is situated in the famous surfing locations in the world, Arugambay in the East coast of Sri Lanka. Spanning 14 acres, the location is a fusion of scenic beauty, peaceful recreation, adventure and ancient history with the property development designed in a unique fashion as a thematic water bungalow resort, keeping in mind the environment and its conservation.

Hanging Nests, Kalamatiya

Situated inside a bird sanctuary in the southern border of Sri Lanka, Hanging Nests overlooks the sea with the tropical feel of lush coconut trees around, and the lagoon, salt marshes and the sanctuary surrounding the other side of the area. Spanning 4.75 acres with 400m of beach frontage, it is an ideal location for a unique experience of watching over 180 species of endemic & migratory birds and a variety of smaller mammals, isolated from civilization, whilst also experiencing the sun rise and sun set from one place.